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Vegan Castle Wedding Cake - Gâteau de mariage végane en forme de château

Vegan Castle Wedding Cake

This ain't no professional cake, but it looked great and tasted AMAZING. I made it for my sister's wedding and my sister told me she loved it. Well, that's all that mattered!

It was made with a simple four-layer vegan vanilla cake base with chocolate almost raw frosting (basically, a thickened raw cashew-based cheesecake recipe!) for the first and third tier and vanilla almost raw frosting and raw strawberry coulis for the second tier. The cakes are covered in walls of simply-molded organic and fair-trade dark chocolate (with one out of two pieces cut on the top for a "castle"-look!) and are decorated with strawberry coulis (which doesn't show much on the picture) and vegan white chocolate flowers and vegan white modelling chocolate dragons. The towers are made of ice cream cones and piled-up oreos (oreos are accidentally vegan) glued together with chocolate and covered in molding chocolate.

I won't tell you how many hours and mistakes and months of prep went into that. But it was so worth it, would it be only because of the frosting recipe that came out of it! I actually forgot to note it down exactly, but I basically know what I did and will post it right after I try it next time!

In the meantime, here's where to find some of the recipes I used for this cake:

For the cake, I used Bryanna Grogan Clark's Lemon Cake Recipe. I made it vanilla by omitting the zest and replacing the lemon extract by more vanilla extract. I made her "buttah" for that recipe and found it interesting. I found out that I could use coconut oil instead of cocoa butter for that "buttah" without harming my recipe.

For the modelling chocolate, I looked on several pages and it really seems to me that this page, from Cakes Decor, gives the very best explanations. Yes, you can use maple syrup instead of corn syrup, no problem! But there is something they don't say and that I found at my own expense: do not use couverture chocolate for that. Or you'll make your life extremely complicated. And messy.

For the strawberry coulis, I simply thawed frozen strawberries and mixed them with a hand blender with some dates that I had soaked in boiling water right before. I added dates until I reached the desired consistency.

Gâteau de mariage végane en forme de château

Pas de version française pour cet article. Je publierai plus tard un article complet sur mes péripéties pâtissières et j'y traduirai les recettes utilisées.

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