vendredi 22 mai 2015

Layered Cake - Gâteau à étages

Layered Cake


I started being obsessed about making a cake that would look like this or this or this or others (anyway, you get the point), so I tried to think of a way to make a simple vegan cake like that.

Turns out that all you need for that is a tall chocolate cake (or two small ones), three recipes worth of coconut whipped cream and any fruit that looks good in a cake (I used mangoes and raspberries).

All you need to do is cut you cake in even layers (I went for four layers, but you could totally go for less, or a little more even). Then you spread fruit pieces and cream on each layer... and you get a wonder! :-)

I am not so good at taking pictures, but you get the idea... it was a great cake.

Gâteau à étages

Pour faire un gâteau à étages (tout simple), vous avez besoin d'un gâteau au chocolat, de trois recettes de crème fouettée à la noix de coco et de fruits frais. C'est vraiment très facile! :-)

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